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       Founded in 1969, Lee-Ming Institute of Technology is a private college of technology with good tradition and special features. Following the college motto “honesty, simplicity, motivation, and diligence” established by the founder, we have been playing a role that promotes innovation and progress. Placing equal emphasis on theory and practice, our institute prepares students for practical skills in different professions and encourages them to participate in local and international competitions.

       Our campus is located close to the industrial areas such as Wugu, Taishan, and Linkou, where major industries, with their demand for workforce and technology, provide occasions for industry-university cooperation and career opportunities for students. In recent years, we have established Industry-University Handholding Programs in joint effort with Delta Electronics, Inc, President Chain Store Corp., Mentor Hair Stylist Corp., and other companies under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. We have also offered several vocational programs such as Precision Machine Tools Engineering: Design & Production, Computer Assisted Mechanical Drafting Certificates, Embedded System and Its Applications, Information Appliances, 3G Communications, to help students obtain technical certificates and prepare for future career. Furthermore, we have established connections with distinguished institutions of higher education around the world, including University of Wollongong and Griffith University in Australia, Montana State University and Eastern Michigan University in the United States, Hochschule Wismar University of Technology, Business and Design in Germany, and Gdynia Maritime University, and launched many exchange programs for students and faculty. In the future, we plan to develop Dual-degree International Study Program, which allow students to obtain degrees at our institute and at one of our sister universities simultaneously, thereby providing students more opportunities to pursue higher degrees and enhancing their career competitiveness.